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“I am a huge Spider-Man and Broadway is one of the best way to experience this. It gives you real life version of the movie where the actors are working hard to impress you with their performance and that factor makes everything worth it.”

Ignacio A. Dickerson


Audience Support

We get the audience involved in our group to help ensure that you have the right support.

Music Launch

Broadway is one of the most beautiful way to enjoy the music in the most purest form.

Direction Team

The directors team are always working on improving these shows to help ensure that the suspense factor is maintained.

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The Do’s and Don’ts for texting tour date

Different people have different texting approaches especially when a relationship is new or when you have just linked online. You might be having a habit of texting your friends all day and making good use of emoticons in your text. However, your new online catch might be having a different method of texting. You might meet a person who rarely texts, they like using official language and they are always very keen on their punctuations and spellings. Because the two of you have different texting preferences and styles, you should both be able to come up with a way that you can easily communicate without clashing with each other. You can only be able to do that if you understand and know the do’s and the don’ts of Text Chemistry.

The Do’s of texting your new date

Meaningful texts

You should never text your date just because you had to text. If you have a new catch, the best way to create intrigue is by showing them that you care. You should always let them know that you have been thinking about them. Text in a manner that shows that they are always in your mind. It can be a very simple goodnight-message but that message can speak volumes about your feelings. By saying hello, good morning and good night shows your date that they are important to you.

Texting in regards to your previous topic

This is also known as topic referencing. You can text your date by referring to the topic that you two had discussed. That is the best way to show your date that you have been thinking about them. When you take in the little things that your date loves, it shows that you would wish the relationship to keep going and that you appreciate what they are.

Planning and texting

You should always remember that you are texting a new person. Maybe both of you have different texting styles. Before you can text such a person, you should have a proper strategy. For example, you can choose to text before your date goes to bed, in the morning and once a day. You should never appear too idle. You should act important and special. You can only accomplish that when you have a proper texting plan.

Make plans through texting

If it is time to meet your date, you can make all your plans through texting. Making plans through texting is the best and easy way to arrange for your meetings. For example, if you are planning to meet for dinner, you should text your partner the exact time and location of your meeting. Utilizing the text to make your plans will avoid unnecessary confusion on your meeting day.

Anticipating for texts

This is the same way as creating interest between you two. Text in a way that shows interest in meeting and anticipating for a time together. This will not only show that the two of you are interested in each other but also shows that you all are on the same page. Without asking directly, you can tell that a person is interested in meeting you or not.

Always appreciate

Sending a simple thank you message to your date will not break your bones. It is simply shown that you appreciate their reaching out and that you appreciate their company as well. Many people love associating themselves with thankful people and saying a simple thank you message is the best way to show them how kind you are.

The Don’ts of texting your date

Asking too many questions

This is one thing that you should always avoid when you are chatting with your online date for the first time. Asking question after question without letting your date answer the first one is considered as text faux. As much as you might want to know about your date and the only way is by asking questions, sometimes it might not feel right to your date. Your date might feel like you are grilling them making the conversation to feel uncomfortable. At some point, question after question texting might seem like an interrogation. Such texting style should be avoided at any cost if at all you would wish to enjoy the Text Chemistry.

Very long texts

Texts should not be too long. A few simple sentences can make great meaning and speak volumes. You may have a lot to say to your date but that doesn’t give you the right to text novels. If possible, you should always keep your conversations short and sweet. Texting too much will bring boredom within the two of you. No one is interested in wasting their time just to read long sentences and paragraphs. Use your editing skills very well to avoid shortening your relationship lifespan.

Negative texting

At any cost, you should avoid showing any kind of negativity to your new catch. As much as you may be having a hard time and a terrible day, you should at any cost try to avoid sending negative texts to your date. That will only depict you as a pessimist. When that happens, your date will do all they can to get rid of you.

Unrealistic expectations

You might be anticipating a right respond but you must loosen your expectations. Sometimes what we expect is not what we get in our Text Chemistry but we shouldn’t take it out on our dates.

Ways to clean your car cover and everything to know


Car covers have been designed in a way that they can be washed but you should be very careful when doing it. Some of the car covers are made of multiple layers. If you are not careful, you will end up damaging it. Your car cover can be of very great quality but lack of proper care won’t allow it to last for long. It is recommended that you consider washing your car cover by your hands but there are other methods that you can use too. If you have no idea how you should clean your car cover, here are a few steps to help you clean it

  • Washing your cover by hands

Washing your car cover by hand is the most preferred method and the most recommended one. Washing the car cover by hand guarantees your cover no damage. The first step is making sure that your car is completely clean and dry. Install the car cover in a clean and dry car ready for washing. After the installation, you should forge forward with spraying the entire cover with cold water. Make sure you have with you a mild detergent that will make the all cleaning process easy. Dilute the detergent in cold water and use a sponge to clean the car cover. Those car covers that are fitted with fleece fabric to the inside should never be washed inside but if your cover doesn’t have that detail, you can turn it over, install it to your car inside out and wash the inside of the cover. Once you are done with washing, allow the car cover to air for at least 6 hours.

  • Washing your car cover using a commercial washer

This is also another method that you can use to wash your car cover. For it to be possible, you will need a commercial washer, a mild detergent and a place to hang the car cover. In this step, all you have to do is place the car cover in a suitable commercial washer. Commercial washers work in a way that they can be able to remove even tree sap. To ensure that the car cover retains its excellent condition, you should use cold water and a mild detergent. Using cold water and a mild detergent will make sure that the car cover gets cleaned properly without being damaged. After the thorough cleaning, you should rinse your cover twice or thrice and leave the cover to air.

Mistakes that people make when cleaning car covers

Proper cleaning of your car cover is very important. Cleaning your car cover will not only increase its longevity but also help the car cover prevent paint scratch. If you wish your car cover to last for long, you must understand the dos and the don’ts when washing the cover. Every car cover that is bought always comes with a cleaning guide and instructions. You should take time and understand what is needed very well before you can start your cleaning process. Although washing a car cover is very vital, there are things that you should always avoid when cleaning the car cover. Here are some of them

  • Be careful with the machine that you are using to wash your car cover. You should avoid using cleaning machines that have center agitators.
  • When washing your car cover, you should use a mild detergent and not a fabric softener.
  • Avoid putting your car covers in a dryer. Just give it time and air it in the open to dryness.

Why use a mild detergent in washing your car cover

If you have taken time and read the car cover washing instructions, I am sure you must have come across the special instruction which is using a mild detergent when washing your car cover. Using a strong detergent to wash your car cover can damage the fabric by softening it. The quality will depreciate very fast and it will not last that long if using a strong detergent is what you prefer using. Apart from just using a mild detergent, it is a requirement that you dilute the detergent in cold water. All that is to avoid interfering with the quality of the car cover.

Why should you wash your car cover?

A car cover is a protective tool that keeps your car protected from UV rays, from hail, from fog, mist and even from animals. The car covers do a lot for our cars but if you do not take care of them, you will end up replacing the car cover more often. A car cover that is not washed will not only look bad but also allow water to enter through the fabric. Clean your car cover regularly or else they will not serve the desired purpose you purchased them for.


Car covers are very important for the maintenance and protection of your car. Having your car cover cleaned regularly means better for the car. Different types of car covers can be used for both indoor needs and outdoor car coverage. The type of car cover that you have will influence a lot the method that you should use in cleaning. The universal method used for cleaning is hand washing but it is known to be very tedious. Machines provide quick washing but you should be very careful when you are using them.

A guide to Baby sleep: What will make your bed go to sleep

You will hear most new parents asking one another if they are getting any sleep. And in most cases, the answer is always No. According to an infant care singapore review, the sleep for a baby is important, especially in the early days. Apart from being necessary for development and growth, it is also good for the well-being of the parent. With the need to regularly feed early infancy to every few sleep regressions after some months. That could be the reason behind so many parents having sleepless nights looking for the right answers.

How much sleep does a baby need?

Babies develop and grow at a faster rate especially the first two years of their lives and thus, they require plenty of sleep. By the time they are two years, most of the children have spent most of their time sleeping. It might be difficult to tell how much sleep that your baby will require at different stages of their growth. While each child is unique and there being various ranges of what is considered to be normal, you can check on the internet to find out what most parents consider normal sleeping hours for their babies.

The sleeping pattern of your baby will likely change over the first two years of their lives. When they are newborns, their sleep is normally dictated by how often they will need feeding, which could be after every two hours. As they continue to gain weight and increase in growth, they tend to increase the amount of sleeping stretches between feeding at night, though it is possible that they might wake up for comfort. The sleeping pattern of newborns is normally unpredictable but as months goes by, it becomes more organized.

The most important thing that you need to do is to ensure that you provide comfort, safe sleep environment for your baby whenever they need to sleep. To start safe and healthy habits for sleeping at the beginning will ensure that your child will be served well in the long run.

When will baby sleep throughout the night?

After you have had the first few sleepless nights with your newborn baby, you might start wondering when you will be able to ensure that your baby sleeps throughout the night. Sleeping throughout the night could mean continuously sleeping for 5 hours but if you are sleep deprived as a parent, you would wish it to be 8 hours or even more.

You have to remember that, if your baby has special needs or they were born prematurely, then they will be different when it comes to their sleeping needs too. So for you to know all these, it will be best if you consult a pediatrician for your specific baby.

The age which most babies begin to start sleeping throughout the night tends to vary from one baby to the next. For young babies, it is important they wake up after few hours in order to feed. As they continue to grow older and their stomach tends to hold more food, then it is possible for them to start sleeping for longer stretches.

Around two months, most babies are able to sleep for longer stretches of between 6 to 8 hour but there are those who don’t stop feeding at night between sleep until after some few extra months. By the time they are about 6 months, most of the babies are able to sleep throughout the night.

One of the key factors that make the baby be able to sleep throughout the night is to have the ability to self soothe. Everyone seems to wake up at night, but are able to get back to sleep. The ability to be able to learn to sleep back on their own is an aspect which the baby has to learn as it is not innate.

Once the baby is able to develop their normal circadian rhythm which happens around when they are 3 months, they will be able to start learning on how to self soothe in order to fall asleep. You can try putting your baby to bed when they are drowsy, that is when they are having fluttering eyelids, and yawning instead of when they are fully asleep.

Ensuring that the baby has a pacifier might also help. At first, they might protest but once they learn on how to self soothe, you will be an extra mile ahead and closer to having a good night sleep.

Ways to helping your baby to sleep

There are several things which you can do in order to help your child get well-rested. You will have to start with a calm, safe sleep environment. With time, as your baby becomes older, getting to create for them a predictable schedule will be able to help in getting them to have the sleep they require. Establishing a routine for bedtime could also be good to signal your baby that, it is time to go to bed and thus, eliminate the protesting nature.

Creating an environment which is safe for sleeping: Ensure that, the place where the baby is going to sleep is safe. Make them to feel safe and secure. Apart from safety precautions, get to ensure that your baby has a calm sleep environment which will help them to feel ready to settle in their nap time or bed.