Different people have different texting approaches especially when a relationship is new or when you have just linked online. You might be having a habit of texting your friends all day and making good use of emoticons in your text. However, your new online catch might be having a different method of texting. You might meet a person who rarely texts, they like using official language and they are always very keen on their punctuations and spellings. Because the two of you have different texting preferences and styles, you should both be able to come up with a way that you can easily communicate without clashing with each other. You can only be able to do that if you understand and know the do’s and the don’ts of Text Chemistry.

The Do’s of texting your new date

Meaningful texts

You should never text your date just because you had to text. If you have a new catch, the best way to create intrigue is by showing them that you care. You should always let them know that you have been thinking about them. Text in a manner that shows that they are always in your mind. It can be a very simple goodnight-message but that message can speak volumes about your feelings. By saying hello, good morning and good night shows your date that they are important to you.

Texting in regards to your previous topic

This is also known as topic referencing. You can text your date by referring to the topic that you two had discussed. That is the best way to show your date that you have been thinking about them. When you take in the little things that your date loves, it shows that you would wish the relationship to keep going and that you appreciate what they are.

Planning and texting

You should always remember that you are texting a new person. Maybe both of you have different texting styles. Before you can text such a person, you should have a proper strategy. For example, you can choose to text before your date goes to bed, in the morning and once a day. You should never appear too idle. You should act important and special. You can only accomplish that when you have a proper texting plan.

Make plans through texting

If it is time to meet your date, you can make all your plans through texting. Making plans through texting is the best and easy way to arrange for your meetings. For example, if you are planning to meet for dinner, you should text your partner the exact time and location of your meeting. Utilizing the text to make your plans will avoid unnecessary confusion on your meeting day.

Anticipating for texts

This is the same way as creating interest between you two. Text in a way that shows interest in meeting and anticipating for a time together. This will not only show that the two of you are interested in each other but also shows that you all are on the same page. Without asking directly, you can tell that a person is interested in meeting you or not.

Always appreciate

Sending a simple thank you message to your date will not break your bones. It is simply shown that you appreciate their reaching out and that you appreciate their company as well. Many people love associating themselves with thankful people and saying a simple thank you message is the best way to show them how kind you are.

The Don’ts of texting your date

Asking too many questions

This is one thing that you should always avoid when you are chatting with your online date for the first time. Asking question after question without letting your date answer the first one is considered as text faux. As much as you might want to know about your date and the only way is by asking questions, sometimes it might not feel right to your date. Your date might feel like you are grilling them making the conversation to feel uncomfortable. At some point, question after question texting might seem like an interrogation. Such texting style should be avoided at any cost if at all you would wish to enjoy the Text Chemistry.

Very long texts

Texts should not be too long. A few simple sentences can make great meaning and speak volumes. You may have a lot to say to your date but that doesn’t give you the right to text novels. If possible, you should always keep your conversations short and sweet. Texting too much will bring boredom within the two of you. No one is interested in wasting their time just to read long sentences and paragraphs. Use your editing skills very well to avoid shortening your relationship lifespan.

Negative texting

At any cost, you should avoid showing any kind of negativity to your new catch. As much as you may be having a hard time and a terrible day, you should at any cost try to avoid sending negative texts to your date. That will only depict you as a pessimist. When that happens, your date will do all they can to get rid of you.

Unrealistic expectations

You might be anticipating a right respond but you must loosen your expectations. Sometimes what we expect is not what we get in our Text Chemistry but we shouldn’t take it out on our dates.