You will hear most new parents asking one another if they are getting any sleep. And in most cases, the answer is always No. According to an infant care singapore review, the sleep for a baby is important, especially in the early days. Apart from being necessary for development and growth, it is also good for the well-being of the parent. With the need to regularly feed early infancy to every few sleep regressions after some months. That could be the reason behind so many parents having sleepless nights looking for the right answers.

How much sleep does a baby need?

Babies develop and grow at a faster rate especially the first two years of their lives and thus, they require plenty of sleep. By the time they are two years, most of the children have spent most of their time sleeping. It might be difficult to tell how much sleep that your baby will require at different stages of their growth. While each child is unique and there being various ranges of what is considered to be normal, you can check on the internet to find out what most parents consider normal sleeping hours for their babies.

The sleeping pattern of your baby will likely change over the first two years of their lives. When they are newborns, their sleep is normally dictated by how often they will need feeding, which could be after every two hours. As they continue to gain weight and increase in growth, they tend to increase the amount of sleeping stretches between feeding at night, though it is possible that they might wake up for comfort. The sleeping pattern of newborns is normally unpredictable but as months goes by, it becomes more organized.

The most important thing that you need to do is to ensure that you provide comfort, safe sleep environment for your baby whenever they need to sleep. To start safe and healthy habits for sleeping at the beginning will ensure that your child will be served well in the long run.

When will baby sleep throughout the night?

After you have had the first few sleepless nights with your newborn baby, you might start wondering when you will be able to ensure that your baby sleeps throughout the night. Sleeping throughout the night could mean continuously sleeping for 5 hours but if you are sleep deprived as a parent, you would wish it to be 8 hours or even more.

You have to remember that, if your baby has special needs or they were born prematurely, then they will be different when it comes to their sleeping needs too. So for you to know all these, it will be best if you consult a pediatrician for your specific baby.

The age which most babies begin to start sleeping throughout the night tends to vary from one baby to the next. For young babies, it is important they wake up after few hours in order to feed. As they continue to grow older and their stomach tends to hold more food, then it is possible for them to start sleeping for longer stretches.

Around two months, most babies are able to sleep for longer stretches of between 6 to 8 hour but there are those who don’t stop feeding at night between sleep until after some few extra months. By the time they are about 6 months, most of the babies are able to sleep throughout the night.

One of the key factors that make the baby be able to sleep throughout the night is to have the ability to self soothe. Everyone seems to wake up at night, but are able to get back to sleep. The ability to be able to learn to sleep back on their own is an aspect which the baby has to learn as it is not innate.

Once the baby is able to develop their normal circadian rhythm which happens around when they are 3 months, they will be able to start learning on how to self soothe in order to fall asleep. You can try putting your baby to bed when they are drowsy, that is when they are having fluttering eyelids, and yawning instead of when they are fully asleep.

Ensuring that the baby has a pacifier might also help. At first, they might protest but once they learn on how to self soothe, you will be an extra mile ahead and closer to having a good night sleep.

Ways to helping your baby to sleep

There are several things which you can do in order to help your child get well-rested. You will have to start with a calm, safe sleep environment. With time, as your baby becomes older, getting to create for them a predictable schedule will be able to help in getting them to have the sleep they require. Establishing a routine for bedtime could also be good to signal your baby that, it is time to go to bed and thus, eliminate the protesting nature.

Creating an environment which is safe for sleeping: Ensure that, the place where the baby is going to sleep is safe. Make them to feel safe and secure. Apart from safety precautions, get to ensure that your baby has a calm sleep environment which will help them to feel ready to settle in their nap time or bed.